Annotated Bibliography Help

What does an annotated bibliography consist of?

The annotated bibliography includes the following data:

  • title,
  • author,
  • issue date
  • publisher.

These are the main points. If you use a summative annotated bibliography, you should write a brief and at the same time thorough summary of the content of the source developing its ideas in a few words. Can you find those right words to make the author’s thought comprehensible? Another kind of annotated bibliography is evaluative one that offers the analysis of the relevance of the chosen source in addition. Here you are also expected to mention your own thoughts from the source. The scope of work expresses deeply, doesn’t it? Calm down and trust it to the professionals. We’ll cope with this part of work in a seamless way! Still if you want try your hand in it, we are going to offer you some hints. Let’s start.

Why is it important?

Being an alphabetical list of citations to the sources studied by a student, it includes a brief description of each citation having particular value for a reader. This annotation helps to show the quality of the cited original and to consider its relevance and prove the accuracy. You are showing here how the material that you read relates to the topic of your study. Everybody can follow the direction mentioned by you in an alphabetical list and find the introduced idea within the context.

The annotated bibliography is also an indicator of the level of your competence or rather the way you develop this competence. The teacher should be sure that you have studied the useful literature and perhaps he would like to add something and recommend you to turn to some other important books on the topic.

When you create this part of the essay you train your research skills, demonstrate that you are able to appreciate the usefulness of the sources. And it is easier to fulfil the above tasks, when the topic statement is well-defined. You are recommended to refuse of a narrow subject. Thus, you’ll have a broader space for search among the literature that is easy of access. Again you demonstrate your ability to analyze the material summarizing the arguments of each book or journal. And the writing skills come out here as far as you are expected to give the details of the information in about 200 words.

How should you arrange it?

  • Start looking through the sources containing the information useful for your subject. Consider the author, his educational background, experience, and find out if he is specialized in the subject you are interested in and if he is associated with a reputable institution. There are special “who’s who” publications in USA, which will be of help in this matter. Do not forget to precise if he is mentioned by your instructor.
  • Pay your attention to the date of the source usually specified on the title page. Why is it important? The answer is that the information in the book for example can be non-current and that is why irrelevant, without value for your research. That is vital for such fields as sciences, high technologies, medicine and others, which are rapidly developing. Though, the noncurrent data may be used for comparison or telling the story of the idea. Within this framework the edition must be considered. Is it the first one or are there the others perhaps with changes and fresh points of view? By the way if the work is revised, it may mean that it is reliable but not necessarily. This requirement – indication of edition – is also true for Web source.
  • Now you should mention the publisher. Mind that the publisher does not guarantee that book is of high quality, but the still it should be indicated.
  • In order to estimate the level of complexity and maturity of the ideas set out in the source, you should turn your attention to title: is it popular or scholarly source?
  • When the initial appraisal is finished, come over to content analysis. Look through the table of contents of the book for example or the index so that you’ll understand the material in general. Find the chapter related to your research. Does it contain the provoking arguments? Does the author turn to the audience that you are going to appeal to?
  • The style and reasoning are also important. You should ensure that the text has facts and opinions of the author, which are valid, grounded and well-researched. Arrangement of those facts should be logical. There should not be the mistakes in the text.

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Annotated Bibliography Help
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