Article writing

Types of articles

Articles can be classified depending of various factors. One of the most common classification is based on the purpose of writing:


This kind of articles address information and facts that are required by specialists in various fields, such as science, medicine, journalism etc.


Writing a newspaper article requires fresh facts about current events. This kind of content should have credible information and be exciting for people to read.


It’s a study that is based on gathering a lot of trustworthy information. Research articles can improve the process of making decisions in various areas.


This kind of articles should be useful for people who are interested in learning something. It can be a “How-to” writing, or a paper that contains new information and written the way it is easy to understand.


These articles provide information about a person. It can contain facts about his or her biography, career achievements, etc.


This kind of articles expresses author’s personal opinion on a certain topic.

How to write an article: Useful Tips

Writing skills are important for people in various career paths. So it is wise to practice and create a lot of content in order to get better. Here are some tips that will help you to develop article writing skills.

  1. Collect ideas. When you first start working, get a piece of paper and write down all the ideas you have. Include even the most silly and not interesting. You will sort them out later. At the beginning you should collect a lot of options that will allow you to generate fresh decisions.
  2. Create a plan. It is important to have a plan when you start writing. A clear and easy to follow plan is the foundation for article structure. It will make it easier for you to work and for reader to understand you point of view. Structured content appears to be more interesting for an audience.
  3. Choose the right writing style. It depends on what kind of article you are going to create. The writing style for news is not appropriate for research etc. Check out what other authors use for articles similar to yours. However, try to keep it unique in some way.
  4. Keep it simple. Make sure that you use simple and short paragraphs and sentences. It is a known fact that readers lose their enthusiasm when they see a lot of text. Today nobody wants to lose time of gigantic articles. Good structure and short paragraphs are key to success. But it doesn't mean that you can't make sentences beautiful. Short is strong and precise, without unnecessary or meaningless words.
  5. Make it useful. Create articles that readers will find not only fascinating, but also beneficial. They should contain useful information, be motivational, educational or contain important facts. Don't include facts that are well-known or seem to be boring. Most likely readers will skip the whole article.
  6. Research first. In order to provide the best picture of the topic you should be very familiar with it. Read a lot about the theme, find trustworthy sources like scientific articles or books. The more rare the information will be, the more interesting it seems to reader. Try to find original opinions and facts. However, make sure that the sources you use are credible. Don't trust every article you can find on the web.
  7. Tell a story. Because people love stories. Especially when they are told in a meaningful and interesting way. Use myths, real life stories, historical examples – this kind of content is more likely to be remembered. Moreover, it is useful when you write an educational article. A good story is unique and makes people question some of their beliefs.
  8. Study similar articles. Knowledge is power, so make sure that you study some of the articles similar to yours. Analyze what are the most successful aspects of them, and what you can do better. Think, what you like about a certain writing. It might be a style, a structure, examples or stories etc. Learning from others can be very helpful in some situations.
  9. Give yourself a break. You can always leave the writing for some time. Let yourself to rest a little and then come back and analyze what can be improved. You can also ask your friends or relatives to help. Let them read the final version and say, what is good and what could be better.
  10. Practice makes perfect. Anyone can learn how to write a successful article. However, the process requires dedication and hard work. You should be improving with every new writing you create. Remember, it is important to listen to your intuition too. Ask for a constructive critique but have your own opinion too. Writing is a creative process, don't lose your uniqueness while perfecting every little detail.

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Use the result

Your academic success is what matters for us the most. In order to achieve it your should use as much of the situation as you can. Right after you have received the final version of an article it is important to work with it, not just submit on website. First, read the text carefully. You should be well familiar with the content. It is also good to make small changes. Add some sentences or phrases that you use quite often. So the article will appear to be your own creation, no one, including your teacher or fellow students, won't ever notice that you've got some help.

Moreover, you can use articles as a source for self-education. Pay attention to the structure, unusual points of view or persuasive arguments. All these new knowledge could be used later when you will write academic assignments in school or college. Being curious and attentive to details is your way to successful career. You can write down the aspects that have drawn your attention. Principles of writing are universal and can be applied when you write an essay, while writing an article review etc.

Additional information

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