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Help With College Essays – Ideas List & Secrets

Help With College Essays – Ideas List & Secrets

To go to college one must write an essay which will catch an admission officer. Here are some tips on how to do this properly.Contents:

  1. Get original ideas
  2. Make it exciting
  3. Be eloquent and understandable
  4. Cause a desire for communication
  5. Humor and ingenuity
  6. Add skepticism
  7. Things you should avoid
  8. Read other essays

Be ready morally

If one needs to know how to write a perfect college essay, it is necessary to figure out what is usually required for it. There are minimum 250 words and no upper limit as a rule, and they must contain something to produce an impression. This distinguishes a person from other candidates if it’s a vivid story written in a good language. It has few in common with school essays, considering this or that statement. College essays must be complex, trying to show a full theme of an event. Using them admission officers choose the best ones for continuing their studies.

Be ready to surprise with a fresh plot or to give a colorful description. Those, who read your essay, don’t have much time, only several minutes. During this interval, they must understand what you are capable of relying upon your own words. Whether your life is mainly full of household trivialities or you are lucky to experience something outstanding from time to time? Is there anything astonishing about your neighbor, or people around you are just moving objects? Have you already invented the time machine or just plan another discovery. All those things may play their role in your admission.

Get original ideas

Try to tell something which is worth your energy and reader’s time. Choose ideas which are important to you. Maybe this is something you can’t stop doing or thinking late at night when it’s time to go to bed. Maybe it’s some event that shocked you and you can’t forget it. If you really need help on college essay, we must make you aware of the fact that experts don’t recommend to tell stories about:

  • grudges,
  • violence,
  • sports injury,
  • other situations, which you probably wouldn’t ask your mother to read.

Such themes must be avoided.

Things which may become the subject of your essay are not necessary daily experiences. It may be some experiment or rare observation. Once we came across with a recollection of an admission officer about one story. According to it, the author didn’t write about his achievements, family or favorite dish. He described in details how he had put a ping-pong ball in the microwave and what had happened then. And this idea singled him out of other candidates in the officer’s mind.

Make it exciting

Text, which is written in a descriptive manner, may be good, but not so fascinating as a story in a detective genre. “A time when I first experienced what is breaking rules may be considered a case when I first was beaten by my sister”.

The same situation could have been presented in a more lively manner. “Ice-cream was very tasty. When my sister turned away, I took the second piece from her plate and ate it. As soon as she discovered it, she grabbed my hair and screamed that I committed a crime and must be punished.” Here’s a real narrative which grips attention.

So, controversy is welcome, too. In school, we often just sort out one example, and often it’s something right. But life is diverse and everyone has his own truth. It will be useful if you disagree with something and make your own stand. Giving arguments and reasons is important in essay writing for college. Admission officers pay attention to your own opinion because a college is a place for discussions. Don’t write another dull story, even if your life is joyless at the moment. Turn on the imagination.

Be eloquent and understandable

People read what you write and get an idea of your abilities. Do your best to show them that you are worth being admitted to the college. A good language will help you to achieve this aim. Don’t use complex expressions, long sentences, and terms which make to open dictionaries to understand them. Easy language is half the success. On the other hand, don’t look too primitive. Think about the circle of people in which you will communicate. Keep the balance between what you say and how you express it in words.

One of the rules of a perfect college essay is consistency. There must be logic in your story. Start writing about one thing and go on talking about it during the whole work, even if sometimes you need to step aside for describing details. This makes your composition a complete work. It goes without saying that your grammar and punctuation should remain at high level. They are one of elements, which make your story clear. Show, that you are not only full of ideas but also can bring them to the audience.

Cause a desire for communication

If you enter a college it doesn’t mean that you will spend all the time writing research work. There are discussions, competitions and simply an everyday life.

You become a member of the society in which communication is inevitable. While writing an essay for college cause a desire to talk to you, to ask you questions, to argue with you or share your point of view. They say that truth is born in disputes. Write your story so, that it could cause disputes about its subject or wish to exchange a few words with you.

The reason for this may be:

  • the fact that you became a witness to some extraordinary event,
  • an acquaintance with interesting people,
  • your rare point of view,
  • the discovery that you made recently,
  • something that is precious for the community of seeking people, which you are going to join.

At least you want to be chosen for studies at this college very much, and it means that writing a good college essay is your chance to attract attention. Think of something that could convenience college representatives to have business with you.

Humor and ingenuity

Trying to make a story vivid you can describe different funny situations. It’s a great advantage of your work if it contains humorous episodes. But people are different, and what seems funny to you, may perplex another man. So, be careful with humor. Use a joke if you are really sure that it will be laughed at. Tell an anecdote, but don’t be carried away by fun. Remember that you are writing an essay for college students. You are not a comedian but a future researcher, who is serious about the results of his works.

If you demonstrate ingenuity in your essay, there are more chances to attract the attention of admission officers. The quality of being clever, original and inventive is what a real student must have. In fact, showing all these qualities in the essay is the secret of its success. Choose a case in your life which allows demonstrating all those features. Your essay is some kind of quintessence of your experience and a starting point for new achievements at the same time. Look at the subject you describe from different angles. Cook it like a delicacy with an unforgettable taste.

Add skepticism

Too many emotions may spoil the dish. Even if you are highly inspired by the idea of the story, try to keep the balance between your feelings and facts. A reader wants to get some information from your story, and it must be more than just ‘wows’. A college is a ground for intellectual work and the rule “trust but check” works here as it works nowhere else. It means that it’s better to have arguments for almost every statement. And doubt is more welcome than euphoria.

There are different ways to help writing college essays. But the most important thing is to remember what the work is being done for.

The story demonstrates the ability to reflect, and this demands a healthy share of skepticism. So, if, for example, the subject of an essay is ‘Are we alone?’, the statement will mostly confirm that ‘Yes, we are’, because the opposite is not proved by science, yet. But surely there are testimonies which must be checked until the final conclusion is made.

Things you should avoid

First of all, remember that you are short of space. Several minutes, which admission officers spend on reading essays, don’t give much time as well as much space for writing. It means that epigraphs, which some authors consider necessary to start with, may be omitted. If you are really writing the perfect college admission essay, be sure that it is in past tense. The present is not good for the purpose of telling a good story. You can see this from the majority of well known literary works.

Experts also recommend avoiding metaphors or quotations which are widely used. Perhaps, it’s hardly possible to impress a reader by an observation like “there’s nothing new under the sun”. You must be accurate not only with the content but with the form into which you put it, too. Make sentences readable, put parts of speech in their usual places, don’t finish with prepositions and start with “because”, “and” or “but”. And surely avoid plagiarism, because the things you are writing must show your uniqueness.

Read other essays

At the same time, the best way to understand how to write an essay for college is to read similar works by other authors.

Only it’s important to choose the best ones in order to use the experience of the people, who really succeeded in their efforts.

During studying such works pay attention to their vocabulary, style, themes, number of words and ways of expressing ideas. Maybe you can find something which is close to you and rely on it while writing your own essay. And, vice versa, you may find something that you likely should avoid in your story, which is very useful, too.

You see, essays of other people become some kind of a reference point. They show the way you must go. But when you write your own story, you do your own steps, which underline, that you are a unique individual. That’s why it’s important not to copy them, but to say honestly to yourself what you like and dislike in these works. Use other examples to make your own plan and write a balanced piece. Be sure, that the main secret of your success is your sincere interest in the topic, that you describe, and confidence that you want to know about it more in the college.

Help With College Essays – Ideas List & Secrets
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