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How to Write a College Admissions Essay – Helpful Tips and Tricks

How to Write a College Admissions Essay – Helpful Tips and Tricks

A good admission essay is written so, that an admission officer remembers it and retells his colleagues. It is interesting, easy to read and informative.


  1. Avoid trivial topics
  2. Write what you care about
  3. Use eloquent language
  4. Do not say too much
  5. Be careful with emotions
  6. Common mistakes
  7. Types of essays

Show your own way

The main idea of an essay in college is to figure out candidates who have good abilities for becoming highly qualified professionals. Such candidates are chosen with the help of different contests, one of which is a college admission essay. Admission is the process which must show that a person is worth studying in college. That is why he must demonstrate his readiness for being taught. He must show his intellectual abilities and his readiness to solve difficult tasks. To test them a candidate goes through admission contests.

If he fails, this does not necessarily mean that he cannot enter a college at all. Maybe he should choose some other realm, in which he will be able to work better. Thus, your personal interest motivates the unique way of your thinking.

Sometimes it is not easy to choose what to write about. Many things are similar to what happen to other candidates. And then the question arises: if I write my admissions essay, what will I describe in it? What is so unique about me, that differs me from other candidates? In such cases it is better to be guided by two principles:

  • I told others about something and it admired them;
  • I’m excited when I remember this situation myself.

The next step is to correlate the idea with what is required for an essay college.

Avoid trivial topics

Essays, which describe accomplishments or look like proclamations, do not go over well. The aim of a future student is to show how he can contribute to the school.

The stories must be more like personal reflections. They should not describe violence, sports injuries, tell about deceived relatives or gimmicks.

If it is a social problem, there must be your opinion where it appeared from and possible ways to solve it. Your personal interaction with described events is very important.

Reading other essays must not result in plagiarism. What is your value for college if you cannot propose your own point of view? Don’t rely on famous names and if quotation seems to be inevitable, give your own comments on it, too. Do not say or write something only because somebody famous said that it is good. Do not repeat other people’s words. Practice shows that even a simple but individual opinion increases the chances that your work will become one of the best college admissions essays.

Write what you care about

The most interesting story usually grips attention by its emotional component. It appears because its plot is very important for the author. Choose for your essay something that really interests you. Remember what prevented you from going to bed in time and made stay asleep late at night. Figure out a case from your life, which you told your friends, and they liked it very much. Only take the situation which also was of research interest. College is an intellectual society where the discoveries are highly valued.

Admission officers immediately pay attention to something outstanding. For example one girl wrote a story about a ping-pong ball, which she put in a microwave. She just laid out her observations on what was happening with the ball. And it turned out to be more interesting than a story about why she loves physics. It demonstrated her passion for science in action. Such passion is a hallmark of good application essays. It makes a story sincere and exciting.
Do not avoid controversial details

Ability of solving controversial questions is a key feature of a student. They say in dispute the truth is born. There is nothing to research when everything is clear. It means that your essay must contain some intrigue.

Be it a social phenomenon or a scientific paradox — try to look at it from your own point of view.

Describe the problem and suggest possible solutions while writing an admissions essay. The desire to find solutions is highly appreciated in candidates for college courses.

When you use some statement, say what you like and dislike in it. Don’t leave it as it is without your own opinion. Give arguments to support your point of view. If you estimate something, do not be afraid to describe your real attitude to it. And if you know ways of solving the problem, do not be afraid to suggest them. If you do like this, your story will be more likely a research work. Admit the facts even if it is not what you want. Contradictions give rise to progress. And this is exactly what they need in college.

Use eloquent language

The right theme is not the only condition for your essay success. The idea may be interesting itself, but if ways of its expression are poor, the story may be underestimated. Make it sound well using eloquent language. Choose words precisely. Put in information in every sentence. Give facts, describe your emotions, show the context, give examples using the appropriate style in the presentation. Mind grammar rules, punctuation, division into semantic parts.
Let your language to be easy, but do not make it primitive. Extremes is something that must be avoided. If you use complicated terms and rare words meanings of which need to be checked through a dictionary, the work will lose but not win. Wrote so that it would be comfortable to read. A good language helps to understand your ideas better. It is one of the secrets how to write an admission essay in a proper way. Also the language makes it clear how the thinking of a candidate is organised.

Do not say too much

In your story you are like a spy must send the most important information but you are not welcome to be too talkative.

The start scope of the work is 250 words. Surely, you may write more. But an admission officer spend several minutes for reading your essay.

There are a lot of them before and after yor work. So, he will not be happy to concentrate on reading one single story if you suddenly decide to turn it into a collection of works. If possible, make him a thankful reader.

When it comes out that you cannot express your idea in short, and the story may become too long, think of it again. Look attentively what you can delete from it. Usually first passage plays a role of a ‘tuner’. Often only the following sentences start sound well. Thus, you may not attach importance to the first passage, find other episodes which are to be revised, shorten some sentences and replace words. This kind of editing is a real admission essay help, which makes it competitive.

Be careful with emotions

If a story is emotionally colourful, it is automatically figured out of others. But this is a college, and what is more important here is information. It means that if your essay is full of ‘wow’ and ‘ouch’ it will not be interesting for a reader.

Maybe you are a communicative person but a college is a place for discussions where more convincing arguments are contributed.

So, be ready to suggest some worthwhile subjects for disputes among students. Your essay will show how you can do this.

A sense of humour is one of the most valuable qualities. It adorns any story, but not always. It’s necessary to be careful with it, because sometimes it is so individual, that what is funny for one seems strange for others. One of the main tasks of college admissions essay help is to make you aware of possible mistakes in your works. So, think twice before making jokes. On the other hand, a good anecdote told to a place will not be superfluous, especially if it is not the only witty idea in the whole story.

Common mistakes

Among common mistakes which appear in application essays there are:

  • wasting space,
  • present tense,
  • cliches,
  • language misuse.

If there is limited space and time, no extra things should be used even if they seem to make the work better. Such cases are, for example, epigraphs. People often start their stories with quotes. Perhaps in school it would be right, but when everything is limited, it is better to omit epigraphs.

Present tense in an essay is a rather strange phenomenon. Everyone knows that most of the stories are told in past tense.

College essays usually are not an exception. Past tense helps to feel better the dynamics of events. Present tense looks quite strange in such cases and hardly add points to the author.

As far as the essay’s role is to disclose the personal world of an author, cliches are not granted. Phrases like ‘there is nothing new under the sun’ or ‘there is nothing is eternal under the moon’ do not gain scores, either. After all there are a lot of new and eternal things at least as common people perceive it. Do not let yourself be misled by beautiful phrases.

Language misuse is quite an awkward thing to come across with. For example giving to body parts their agency at least looks strange. “His eyes fell to the floor” will make admission officers giggle. And this is hardly that attitude to your work which you expect to deserve.

Types of essays

There are different types of essays. There are school essays, admission essays, academic essays, and others. The difference between them is that each type has its own peculiarities. For example, a school essay is written on certain rules which must be strictly followed. It has a basic structure. College essays are freer in this sense. You can build the narration at your own discretion. Academic essays may vary even in form of their presentation. For example, there may be pictures in essays for Visual Arts, sound episodes in essays for Music, cinematic forms in film essays. College admission essays in this row seem to be one of the easiest way of presentation your own abilities. So, appreciate possibilities which you get when you are asked to write a college admission essay!

How to Write a College Admissions Essay – Helpful Tips and Tricks
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