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If you are a student and undergo training or get higher education somewhere in USA, for sure you have had or will have dealings with essay writing. Probably you used to cope with this activity on your own account, but you do agree that this task requires a lot of time, attention, tolerance and skills. In order to ease your studying and pass the exams or writing tests we offer our service of high quality. Our custom essay writing service will be of help for everybody regardless of age, specialization, discipline, complexity of work and subject. We are ready to write the paper in accordance with the current instructions and acting in your interests. You’ll get the fresh texts written from scratch.

What is an essay?

An essay is a written story with the author’s point of view. It can include various formats being narrative, subjective, expository. This short or long story can contain reflections and observations. Thus, you can develop a theme and say almost everything within it but following the format established by the educational institution. Before starting the writer should develop the subject being sure that he is aware of the assignment requirements. He is expected to explore the background information and develop a working thesis. The academic essay reveals the ability of a student to express his thoughts in accordance with the requirements and to apply intellectual capabilities. The researches with use of scholarly sources will help to find the fresh ideas and telling arguments. Then an author takes critical notes, reads the material and at last writes a thesis statement where he represents the whole essay briefly in order to get the readers interested. It’s high time to write the essay, integrating all the information found during a research considering the citations formatted in a proper way. There remains to read the finished writing, edit it, if there is a need, correcting mistakes.

Types of Academic Essay


This one shows a clear picture of a character, object, location or event with details allowing a reader to understand the idea using imagination.


It describes the event step by step and usually is written in first-person present or past tense. This essay makes a reader to get new experience, ponder the opinion of the narrator being free to agree or disagree with it.

Compare and contrast

Here the purpose is clear – to develop the connection between the things discussed. The author should show unobvious differences or similarities conducting a kind of investigation.


The writer makes his best to persuade a reader that there is no way for him but to accept the idea of the essay because it is reasonable. There should be a lot of strong supporting arguments in the writing.


It concerns the subject which is followed with disagreement. It is full of reasons making a reader think that the claim is true.

When Are Essay Writing Services Needed?

Of course as we have already mentioned you can write the essay without help but the task is really complicated. You will have to study a lot of different information developing the subject and you’d better be a master of reasoning in order to make the smart conclusions. While at the same time there are a lot of important events in the life, which should not be missed because of writing. Yet, the academic degree is also vital! What is to do? We have a solution – our essay writing service!

If you find it rather difficult to focus on scribbling and cannot afford to spend so much time on research, if the deadline is soon enough to manage finishing the essay, before it’s too late, you can turn to us and we’ll do it instead of you. Another reason to refuse writing is lack of interest in this kind of activity. You are free to choose!

Supply Analysis

You can find a rather large number of online essay writing services through Internet. Really the competition is overwhelming at this market. Here the students face the problem of choice. It is not so easy without experience to decide, as far as all the companies are striving to be the best. But very often the promises given in advertising are intended to attract more customers and they are not always true to life. In order to escape confusion, pay attention to rates and prices. If they are much less than the average in this sphere, you’d better get a reasonable explanation. There are a lot of online resources publishing a list of the best paper writing services of a year for example. Such resources can be grounded on the users’ opinions and estimation of the professionals. They can make the choice clear for you. Though, you should not believe such researches without any additional consideration. If they are not updated, they are not relevant, so make sure that you are keeping up with the times. Unfortunately none of ranking is able to be absolutely true. Only your own experience does matter, only quality and reliability make sense. At the least you can be sure that top essay writing services are not frauds. Then you should compare the conditions of collaboration, choose the one and try to predict the result.

Presentation of Our Service

Being a reputable essay writing service, we render assistance to every our customer regardless of subject of essay, scope of work, academic level of a student, and terms. You can see the examples of our articles published on our site and estimate the powers and competency of our authors.

We have the vast experience in this field and know what our clients need that is why they are always satisfied with the result. Our bright-minded writers wield a formidable pen and understand all the demands that can be maintained by the education system. They compose a solid introduction, detailed body and come to a thought-provoking conclusion. They’ll do everything in a perfect way and help the students to avoid the mistakes and failures. We guarantee that the texts will be unique, faultless and accurate one hundred per cent! Our customers can benefit from our special prices affordable to everybody. The cost of our service depends on a range of factors including number of pages and complexity of essay.

Our advantages

We offer various options on our website. Any user can benefit from them easily despite of his ability to cope with Internet. The perfect architecture, well-formatted content, simple navigation, and the best technical solutions are at your disposal.

Professional Staff

We employ the writers graduated from prestigious schools on a full time contract. They write only unique papers in accordance with particular instructions.

The high quality

We involve only professionals and apply quality control of the processes due to which our experienced editors prove the excellent result checking the finished writings very carefully.

Guaranteed uniqueness

We are sure that any test within any Plagiarism Resources will prove that there is no analogue of the essays written by our authors. You can be absolutely sure in it.

Personal account

On our website every customer can authorize and use his own account to keep the situation under control and get the feedback with our managers which are ready to answer any questions.

Affordable prices

To order the essay writing is not expensive. You are expected to pay only $10 per a written page and $6 per an edited page.


Hundreds of clients fully trust our company and return to us again when there is a need in new essays. Choose only professional essay writing services!


Nobody will know that the essay is not written by you. We understand the rules and keep our collaboration in secret.

Readiness to help

We almost never say “no” being able to deal with a large scope of work without compromising quality.

Timely execution

We’ll finish the work right up to the stipulated time.

How Can You Order the Essay?

If you decide to trust us writing of your essay, you should get authorized on our website. This requirement provides you with protection against the unauthorized access to your account and against fraud concerning your funds and credit cards. Your personal information will be needed for signing up including your e-mail address or phone number. In addition to these safety precautions, you can be sure in confidentiality of personal information that you give us.

The next step is filling in the online order form. The price of the service will be calculated on the basis of the delivered information and you are expected to pay this sum. After the whole amount appears on our account, we start acting: selecting a writer best suited for your academic level and particular conditions. In conclusion you get the perfect essay ready within the given timeframe. It will be issued in your personal account simultaneously with sending you the correspondent notification.

So, as you see, there are no obstacles in ordering a writing paper with us. Our payment tools are convenient and safe, our managers are polite and efficient, and our authors are experienced and smart.

Some final tips

If you need a really cool essay with a perfect plan and a fresh interesting idea, try to study the proposals at the market and decide in favor of our company because if you read again all the above mentioned, you understand that we meet your requirements. Find out the reviews of other users and believe that you won’t be disappointed. Do not rely on those service providers, which cannot give you the strong evidences of their efficiency.

Simple procedure and brilliant result – this is what you enjoy with our cheap essay writing service! Hurry up to place your order and spend your spare time as you please. You can call us and find out the details if there are questions. Just believe that you have dealing with professionals.

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