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Are you able to create an unforgettable college essay? If you do, good for you! If you don’t, welcome to our online service. We are ready to write the best college essays, because we know the secret, which lays in uniqueness of a student. Our skilled authors will find your particular features and describe them in such a way that you stand out compared to other applicants. Many our customers do not understand that this is the reason for being considered as the perspective student. This is an exact fool-proof way to attract attention.

Type of college essays

  1. "you" question including the personal narration about the author, necessary to make a candidate open and clear for the commission. Ask direct questions and give the answers. Here you can focus on important things forgetting about the resume format.
  2. "why us" question will help you to explain the reason for which you choose this very school. Tell about your goals and plans as to their achieving. It is important to be very attentive and careful here in order not to make a factual error. Moreover, thinking about this subject, a student proves his desire to continue teaching here.
  3. "creative" question. It evaluates a candidate's ability to think and write in a proper way applying creativity.

Know yourself

Of course, it is not so easy to gain insight and see your own peculiarities. Moreover, you get used to your character and have no idea that some common feature can become a real surprise for other people. So, here the following questions can be of help.

Remember where you grow up: the place, environment, try to describe your childhood. What was attracting or annoying for you? Perhaps, in your family there were some traditions and even if they do not look like something unusual, your attitude towards them may be interesting. By the way, do you have a big family or are you the only child? Probably you do not communicate closely with your relatives but some of them affect you to a considerable degree. Is there a significant person in your life being an example to follow?

What about travelling? Tell them about your preferences or wishes and provide explanations why those places matter for you. Of course, it is important to mention the languages you can speak and the religion you follow. Your talents are certainly of interest. Can you play any musical instrument, dance or go in for sport? If you have ever worked, you can tell the interesting details of those jobs. What did you like most in your duties? It will be reasonable to remember your achievements and hardship. And here you can discuss your perspectives, forecast your future for several years.

And another important moment! Writing a college essay you hardly should stick at your school results in general as far as they have this information in college. Your academic background is clear and not unique.

In the long run, we should turn your attention that all that data must be honest without exaggeration and being supported with actual facts if there is a need.

Diversity is important

Here you can remember all the traditions, holidays, superstitious beliefs of the place you come from. Perhaps some festive occasions are so bright that can be an interesting discovery for new environment.

It can be very valuable and can be connected not only with the place you were born but also with your ancestry. The particular approach to upbringing or your current habits can be provided by that diversity.

The list is long. You can mention your political, religious beliefs, remember the strongest and weakest academic subject. Do not make yourself perfect, admit areas of growth.

Traits, gains, victories will put life into a portrait. Use them and be convincing!

What is this all about?

We’d rather start with it, but still it’s better late than never. Why should you be in trouble with this essay? The reason is quite simple. The point is that most demanding colleges want to see the students being able to represent themselves in writing. Thus, this is a requirement for applicants to submit an essay written by the potential students themselves. It is not as easy as it seems at first sight even regardless of its small volume. This is a substantial amount of work demanding writing skills and understanding of the format. Every argument should carry conviction and help to get a well-defined idea of an author. This paper will be one of the factors influencing the decision of the admissions committees of a college.

You should understand that grades and test scores are important but when this information as to several students is identic in this case the essay is taken into consideration. Even such competitive state schools like the University of Michigan, for example, prefers estimate the candidates using GPA and results of test. But this is first. The “borderline” students can count on their essays, which can push them into the pool. But you should consider that even a brilliant essay cannot compensate the bad results of tests. Though, if you want to enter one of top private school, you should be ready that they evaluate candidates considering their writings on equal terms.

Now you understand how essential this paper is. You should take it seriously and you’d better turn for college essay help.

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How should you impress the school?

You are expected to find a subject and spend days and nights including week days, improving their personal statements. And at the same time the admissions officers read the paper spending only five minutes and make a decision. So try to strike and attract the attention just from the very beginning. Start with anecdote or joke of any kind or sharing a moment. Think critically, show that you like studying and have a range of strong points, which are not revealed by tests. Your intellectual vitality, self-awareness must be evident. And do not try too hard. Choose simple and clear topics and write about the things important for you not only for them. Demonstrate your ability to think in various directions, show your reasoning capacity.

Do not refuse of reading the books about high achievers and follow the example but be careful and do not pretend being a different person. In this case more is not necessarily better. Answering the question “What else do I need to know?” you should write the truth and nothing but the truth. Do not forget meeting the instruction. Your essays for college should work. And remember, it differs completely from any academic essay you have ever written. If you feel lack of ideas, just reflect and start putting down any thought coming at this moment, later you will select the most appropriate ones, but now do not stop and refuse restrictions.

When at last you have found the college matching your interests and possibilities, go on and do your best to be accepted! Your paper can be funny (and that is big win) but ensure that you understand that you laugh at the same jokes, which your teacher prefers, or there will be a great problem. Reveal your personality but do not interfere in the topics connected with the place you are going to enter. You should overcome nervousness. And a powerful college essay cannot be regarded as solution of your problems. This is the way to express yourself in your own voice and be appreciated by the commission. But first it will help with self-definition. Perhaps you change your mind as to the choice of college because you feel that it is not your destination. In order to impress the college admission officers, you should understand their expectations. In different schools the role of this paper can be rather different.

Anyway turn to us and let us cope with it together! We are doing our best to understand you, gather the all information about your personality and write the essay of best quality.