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Writing a Research Article: Guide, Examples and Samples

Different magazines have special requirements for articles. However, all such texts possess general features.


    1. Difference between articles and papers
    2. Structure of a research article
    3. Writing about methods
    4. Collecting results
    5. The discussion section
    6. Introduction section
    7. Professional help in writing articles

Difference between articles and papers

Academic papers are written for scientific purposes. They are intended for discussion in the scientific community. And this is what unites them with articles. But the latter have restrictions established by the magazines they are published in. They vary from issue to issue and are connected with its specificity. It means that a research paper may become a research article, but it must be finalized in accordance with the requirements of this or that journal. Newspapers also may place scientific articles but in popularized form and with great reductions.

A newspaper or journal article in its usual sense differs from a research article. Its structure is made for the mass reader while a scientific material is designed for narrow specialists. Thus, research articles are written by people who are engaged in science but not journalists. To prepare such a material even with the help of professional authors is not the same thing as to write a newspaper article online. The work requires facts, analysis, citations, conclusions, and forecasts. In addition, it uses specific terms which are familiar exclusively to the scientific community.

Structure of a research article


In the majority of cases, the structure of a research article generally repeats that of a research paper. Its items include all the parts which the research work consists of:

  • introduction,
  • methods,
  • results,
  • discussion.

Such amount of work requires a serious approach. If you do not have time for it, professional article writing service may help you. But if you are ready to follow all the items yourself, remember that introduction enters the reader in the course of affairs. This part gives information what the article is about and indicates the purpose of the research. Methods show the means which you used to conduct the work, including instruments, materials, recommendations and your own ideas.

Findings, which you discovered, become the part of the next section. Results contain the data which you get thanks to the conducted research. It may be positive or negative. The latter does not detract from the merits of the work done. Their interpretation is found in the discussion. This section depicts the influence of the research on the field of study. Such consequences are very important because they show the value of the efforts. Adherence to scientific principles is confirmed by the list of references attached at the end of the article. Such structure is a good help for those who want to know how to write an amazing article.

Writing about methods

You start with the methods because it is better to write the introduction on the basis of key content. And it unites methods and results. Methods include ways of studying the problem. Your aim is to make reviewers aware of your approach and instruments. Well-known methods may not be described in details. Reference to them may be given under the whole article. But if you used your own method which is new in this field of study, you should write about it as much as possible. This information is especially valuable because other scientists could reproduce it subsequently using your description.


The study of a literary work is closely connected with the national identity of its protagonist. The behavior of people in every country relies on its traditions. Comparing actions of literary heroes from different countries allows seeing not only personal features but markers of national literature, too. Aldo Nemesio from the University of Torino also pays attention to this method in his work “The Comparative Method and the Study of Literature” published in 1999. I also used this method in my work because I think it can help to explain the behavior of the personages in “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel.

If you are short of time or need help in preparing this and other parts of the work, you may take advantage of a special article writing website. Its writers may successfully cope with any task.

Collecting results

Results are a significant part of the work. This part contains the description of what you have found during the conducted research. The results which you mention belong only to your work and are unique. It does not matter whether they are positive or negative. The latter is very important for reviewers, too. Some magazines used to publish only works with positive results. That is not correct, because it prevents science from development. Scientists repeat the same mistakes though they could have been made aware of them in published articles and avoid the difficulties encountered.

Sometimes there is a lot of important information, included in the results section. But the problem is that a scientific journal has a limited space for publication. Even in such a case experienced people advise not to omit necessary data. It may include arguments which confirm the results. Without them the work may be less convincing. Among the answers of the services to the question how to write articles online, there is a helpful recommendation: use the possibility to add supporting materials. Most journals have this option and you may use it to add to the article facts which reinforce your results even if they are of secondary importance.

The discussion section


In the section of discussion you write about the significance of the results. You disclose here what impact they produce on the field of study. This interpretation seems to be the easiest part of the work but it plays a great role in approving research articles. It happens that some of them are rejected only because the discussion section looks weak. Ideas in this part must correspond to results and relate to the question put in the introduction (the latter is written later than the rest of the body). In this part you also compare the significance of your results and indicators of colleagues.

For example, you stated that presence of Englishmen in India had a marked impact on its culture. At the same time, the subjects of Great Britain have learned a lot from the Indian people. This mutual effect is called cultural diffusion. The fact of its presence in “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel is proved by behavioral features of the personages of the novel, everyday objects they used, level of social relationships and other peculiarities. Their list may be separately added to the article using the option of supporting materials. And you may do the explanation of the importance of cultural diffusion more detailed. To get help in it you can also visit article writing websites.

Introduction section

This is the part which announces all the subsequent work. If you want to know how to write a perfect article, remember that it is better to write the introduction at the end of the work. If you have written methods and results first you easily imagine what to say in the introduction. It is the section where you have to intrigue reviewers and convince them that you research is really valuable. For a reader, the introduction is the beginning of your work and, thanks to it, reviewers must be interested in what they will read further. In this first section you have to write about problems you are going to solve. You describe it in short but so that it will be clear what is its essence.

The next step after the description of the problem is a possible way or ways of its solution. It shows that you know how to settle the situation (or do not know if the result of the research is negative). If there are several solutions you may choose which of them is the best one. You also must say what you hope to achieve in your research. Then, it is important to mention in the introduction the publications on which the work is based. For example, you may say that you used the principles described in “The Comparative Method and the Study of Literature” by Aldo Nemesio or in other works of researchers specializing in the comparative method.

At the end of your introduction remark hypothesis and objectives. Organize the contents from global to a particular opinion to let the reviewers know your objectives. Remember that all this will take time, including writing the draft and adapting your work to the requirements of the journal. If you need help you may find people who write articles for money online. The list of services of such companies usually include:

  • writer choice,
  • following requirements,
  • review possibility,
  • online help,
  • quality guarantee,
  • short time.

There is always a number of companies from which you can choose the best article writing service.

Professional help in writing articles


Writing a research publication requires knowing the rules according to which the work is done. Following them is very important because reviewers will approve or reject you research depending on its quality. If you know well all the rules and have enough time to write the research, you may do it yourself. But if there are some difficulties for an independent work you may ask to write articles online for money. You can use a cheap article writing service and get a research article for a scientific journal on a professional level. Such articles are written by specialists who have the successful experience. Their success may be tracked by feedback. It shows that you may fully rely on such professional writers.

When you order writing an article in a service, you remain completely anonymous. You have a separate ID with the help of which you communicate with the author. You can share your ideas with him and get a piece of advice if you need it. As a result, the text is written in full accordance with existing rules within a necessary period of time. You may ask the writer to add or to correct something in the text and recommend publications which may help to write the work you want. It is also possible to propose useful data if you have done a part of research and got some results. But even without this you have the right to hope for a meaningful article. And no doubt it will help you to earn a reputation in the scientific world.