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Research Writing Paper Help – Top 10 Ideas

If you’ve got a task to write the research papers in English like a coursework or doctoral dissertation in some particular area, you should be sure that it includes your own original analysis of the subject. The author is expected to do research, interpret the available information, and put the matter clearly. In order to succeed in achieving the perfect result, follow the further indicative plan.


Stage 1. Finding appropriate subject

The work must be interesting for you above all. Find the subject, which tingles with interest and makes you to do your best, to make efforts. Narrow search and find the topic you can develop in fascinating details but at the same time refuse overspecialization with restricted approach to the needed information. Obtain approval of your research adviser for the topic before starting the research in-depth. At the very beginning it is important to understand the core aspect of the work and be sure that you are equal to the task. If there is uncertainty, try to understand the requirements and look for more appropriate area where you feel free.

Stage 2. Searching the information

Now start compiling the information. It is better to look through as much as possible materials even if it takes a lot of time. Right from the very start you should sort through the found ideas.

Where should you look for the framework?

  • The library. Here you can find the originals and be sure that facts are trustworthy. You can turn to a librarian, to discuss your topic and ask for help with writing a research paper, for tips on researching and choosing the books and authors. Besides, a lot of library collections are represented in online format. The web-sites offer the public access catalogues with authors and literatures. There are interesting guides, publications in old newspapers, rare editions and others.
  • The Internet. The background information can be found within the athematic online resources. There are a lot of encyclopedias and books in a digital form. Apply search engines and opt for the educational and governmental sites, which are more reliable and purposeful. On the contrary the information on commercial resources with domain name “com” is not recommended because these sites can confuse even if some of them are worth paying attention to.
  • Personal communication. You can contact the specialists and people involved in the area of your research. Such consultations can be of great help.

Writing research essay, do not forget that all the sources of the used information should be mentioned. You are expected to specify the author and name of book or article, place of publication and publisher, the date when the material is published. Moreover there is a requirement to give directions of the page numbers where the abstract is found. If it is online resource, include URLs and the date when you turn to this site, because it can be refreshed. All the above data should be included into the paper.

Stage 3. Thesis

Now having the principle goal and the material you should generate ideas within a framework of the chosen topic. Think them over and put them down, then re-read the thoughts and get them act together developing the thesis statement explaining the main idea of the research paper. Just one sentence is able to discover your critical thinking. This is a kind of declaration of the belief, which will be considered in the paper, you know? It is provided in the introduction part and is a result of your thoughts. The thesis statement is usually binding.

Working at your thesis, understand the ultimate message of the paper, phrase it, thinking over the future – the moment when you will break this idea to pieces (plan items) in order to put it all together but already in the form of arguments in the first draft. There is a good chance to write the final version of your thesis statement after your research paper is almost over, but the first variant is formulated right at the beginning. It must be clear and concisely worded giving the reason for investigation of the particular subject. Here you should not cite the authors but only present your own thoughts in your own words as you are a research paper maker.

The functions of a thesis statement are as follows:

  • explaining the author’s interpretation of the subject of the research;
  • motivating the readers to take part in dispute regarding the topic;
  • helping the readers to understand the contents of the paper and to estimate its value;
  • showing the strength of the author’s belief and credibility of the facts.

Stage 4. Developing a plan

The plan is a very important part if your purpose is writing a good research paper. It is approved by a research adviser or professor and after this event it cannot be edited at all. Please, take it seriously so that you could create the scheme of your future work preventing you from missing your deadline. We are going to offer a standard structure of a paper, which, as we hope, will be of help:

  • Title Page. Here you mention the title, your name and the name of the place you study, the date of publication. Follow the agreed pattern.
  • It is a very short summary of the paper.
  • It helps you to make sure that all moments you want to discuss are included.
  • It takes not more than 2 pages and discovers the subject matter. Show how you are going to develop your topic. Try to spark the interest in the readers.
  • Body consisting of arguments, results of research, discussion and so on. We recommend remaining the strongest argument for the final point.
  • In this article you offer the analytical summary and concluding statement. Explain your findings in short.
  • The place where you specify the details of the sources of material used.
  • Tables, figures, and appendix if there are.

Stage 5. Set the material in order

Writing the research paper remember that there will be a lot of notes and remarks. The draft copies should be revised and organized. Here we would like to remind you that the sources of information should be mentioned, so do your best to avoid confusion. Now it is time to organize the gathered information in accordance with the earlier developed outline. Use only reliable sources; prove that the data is current, accurate and factual. Do not exclude opposing points of view if they are useful. Record the information in your own words taking into account citation, of course.

Be sure, you choose the right definitions and acceptable forms. If you do not understand something, do not use it in your paper. It will take quite a lot of time needed for analyzing, sorting and integrating of the information that have been gathered.

Stage 6. Introduction

Now you already have your thesis and the arranged information, and it is easy to find the way to grab the attention of your readers. In this section you can offer some provoking information, or telling quote, or timely joke – anything that can make a person to continue reading. Here the thesis statement is usually included. There are no strict requirements as to the length of the introduction.

Stage 7. Conclusion

Conclusion should be short and bright. It is written for the purpose of motivating the reader to think about the subject. Do you understand? The paper should be completed but not closed off. You are expected to invent your readers to consider the main points. Now the discussion is over but there are reasons for further exploration that can be initiated by asking the reader a question.

Stage 8. The draft of body

Now when you have the whole idea, you can develop it following your outline. Return to your gathered information, find the needed material for each idea, paraphrase it, and use quotes, but not very frequently. The body of your research paper consists of main arguments supporting your key points.

Do not forget about the plan you have created earlier, discovering each point of it in a separate paragraph and support the ideas with your analysis, which should take most of the paragraph.

There is no restriction of the length of the body. Just make it interesting, valuable and effective.

Stage 9. Review

Now you can enjoy the result. The work is almost over, but do not hurry to lay it aside. It is better to return to your paper in a day after finishing of the body and read it again checking for any content errors. Once again ensure that the facts and figures are correct. Perhaps there is a need in changes into your outline in keeping with the finished work. And it goes without saying that you should exclude grammar and spell mistakes turning to dictionaries, if there are any doubts.

Now ask the following questions to check whether you manage to write the perfect research paper:

  • Is the thesis statement clear?
  • Are all sources are mentioned correctly?
  • Are all the points of outline are covered in the body?
  • Are the arguments reasoned enough?

We advise you to turn to your friend and ask to help on research paper reading it.

Stage 10. Finishing

Now you apply the appropriate formatting style for your paper. Sometimes it can be determined by your research advisor, that is why you are expected to find out the details and follow the requirements. Usually the papers should be typewritten with use of a particular font and page margins. Then you should print it on a paper of A4 size. Before printing, reread the whole work finally and carefully testing for punctuation, spelling, duplicated words and other minor defects.

We hope that you will do it a day or two just before the deadline and will be considered as one of the best research paper writers.

If you do not want to spend time on all the above, there is a simple solution – buying research papers.

How to Write a College Admissions Essay – Helpful Tips and Tricks

A good admission essay is written so, that an admission officer remembers it and retells his colleagues. It is interesting, easy to read and informative.


  1. Avoid trivial topics
  2. Write what you care about
  3. Use eloquent language
  4. Do not say too much
  5. Be careful with emotions
  6. Common mistakes
  7. Types of essays

Show your own way

The main idea of an essay in college is to figure out candidates who have good abilities for becoming highly qualified professionals. Such candidates are chosen with the help of different contests, one of which is a college admission essay. Admission is the process which must show that a person is worth studying in college. That is why he must demonstrate his readiness for being taught. He must show his intellectual abilities and his readiness to solve difficult tasks. To test them a candidate goes through admission contests.

If he fails, this does not necessarily mean that he cannot enter a college at all. Maybe he should choose some other realm, in which he will be able to work better. Thus, your personal interest motivates the unique way of your thinking.

Sometimes it is not easy to choose what to write about. Many things are similar to what happen to other candidates. And then the question arises: if I write my admissions essay, what will I describe in it? What is so unique about me, that differs me from other candidates? In such cases it is better to be guided by two principles:

  • I told others about something and it admired them;
  • I’m excited when I remember this situation myself.

The next step is to correlate the idea with what is required for an essay college.

Avoid trivial topics

Essays, which describe accomplishments or look like proclamations, do not go over well. The aim of a future student is to show how he can contribute to the school.

The stories must be more like personal reflections. They should not describe violence, sports injuries, tell about deceived relatives or gimmicks.

If it is a social problem, there must be your opinion where it appeared from and possible ways to solve it. Your personal interaction with described events is very important.

Reading other essays must not result in plagiarism. What is your value for college if you cannot propose your own point of view? Don’t rely on famous names and if quotation seems to be inevitable, give your own comments on it, too. Do not say or write something only because somebody famous said that it is good. Do not repeat other people’s words. Practice shows that even a simple but individual opinion increases the chances that your work will become one of the best college admissions essays.

Write what you care about

The most interesting story usually grips attention by its emotional component. It appears because its plot is very important for the author. Choose for your essay something that really interests you. Remember what prevented you from going to bed in time and made stay asleep late at night. Figure out a case from your life, which you told your friends, and they liked it very much. Only take the situation which also was of research interest. College is an intellectual society where the discoveries are highly valued.

Admission officers immediately pay attention to something outstanding. For example one girl wrote a story about a ping-pong ball, which she put in a microwave. She just laid out her observations on what was happening with the ball. And it turned out to be more interesting than a story about why she loves physics. It demonstrated her passion for science in action. Such passion is a hallmark of good application essays. It makes a story sincere and exciting.
Do not avoid controversial details

Ability of solving controversial questions is a key feature of a student. They say in dispute the truth is born. There is nothing to research when everything is clear. It means that your essay must contain some intrigue.

Be it a social phenomenon or a scientific paradox — try to look at it from your own point of view.

Describe the problem and suggest possible solutions while writing an admissions essay. The desire to find solutions is highly appreciated in candidates for college courses.

When you use some statement, say what you like and dislike in it. Don’t leave it as it is without your own opinion. Give arguments to support your point of view. If you estimate something, do not be afraid to describe your real attitude to it. And if you know ways of solving the problem, do not be afraid to suggest them. If you do like this, your story will be more likely a research work. Admit the facts even if it is not what you want. Contradictions give rise to progress. And this is exactly what they need in college.

Use eloquent language

The right theme is not the only condition for your essay success. The idea may be interesting itself, but if ways of its expression are poor, the story may be underestimated. Make it sound well using eloquent language. Choose words precisely. Put in information in every sentence. Give facts, describe your emotions, show the context, give examples using the appropriate style in the presentation. Mind grammar rules, punctuation, division into semantic parts.
Let your language to be easy, but do not make it primitive. Extremes is something that must be avoided. If you use complicated terms and rare words meanings of which need to be checked through a dictionary, the work will lose but not win. Wrote so that it would be comfortable to read. A good language helps to understand your ideas better. It is one of the secrets how to write an admission essay in a proper way. Also the language makes it clear how the thinking of a candidate is organised.

Do not say too much

In your story you are like a spy must send the most important information but you are not welcome to be too talkative.

The start scope of the work is 250 words. Surely, you may write more. But an admission officer spend several minutes for reading your essay.

There are a lot of them before and after yor work. So, he will not be happy to concentrate on reading one single story if you suddenly decide to turn it into a collection of works. If possible, make him a thankful reader.

When it comes out that you cannot express your idea in short, and the story may become too long, think of it again. Look attentively what you can delete from it. Usually first passage plays a role of a ‘tuner’. Often only the following sentences start sound well. Thus, you may not attach importance to the first passage, find other episodes which are to be revised, shorten some sentences and replace words. This kind of editing is a real admission essay help, which makes it competitive.

Be careful with emotions

If a story is emotionally colourful, it is automatically figured out of others. But this is a college, and what is more important here is information. It means that if your essay is full of ‘wow’ and ‘ouch’ it will not be interesting for a reader.

Maybe you are a communicative person but a college is a place for discussions where more convincing arguments are contributed.

So, be ready to suggest some worthwhile subjects for disputes among students. Your essay will show how you can do this.

A sense of humour is one of the most valuable qualities. It adorns any story, but not always. It’s necessary to be careful with it, because sometimes it is so individual, that what is funny for one seems strange for others. One of the main tasks of college admissions essay help is to make you aware of possible mistakes in your works. So, think twice before making jokes. On the other hand, a good anecdote told to a place will not be superfluous, especially if it is not the only witty idea in the whole story.

Common mistakes

Among common mistakes which appear in application essays there are:

  • wasting space,
  • present tense,
  • cliches,
  • language misuse.

If there is limited space and time, no extra things should be used even if they seem to make the work better. Such cases are, for example, epigraphs. People often start their stories with quotes. Perhaps in school it would be right, but when everything is limited, it is better to omit epigraphs.

Present tense in an essay is a rather strange phenomenon. Everyone knows that most of the stories are told in past tense.

College essays usually are not an exception. Past tense helps to feel better the dynamics of events. Present tense looks quite strange in such cases and hardly add points to the author.

As far as the essay’s role is to disclose the personal world of an author, cliches are not granted. Phrases like ‘there is nothing new under the sun’ or ‘there is nothing is eternal under the moon’ do not gain scores, either. After all there are a lot of new and eternal things at least as common people perceive it. Do not let yourself be misled by beautiful phrases.

Language misuse is quite an awkward thing to come across with. For example giving to body parts their agency at least looks strange. “His eyes fell to the floor” will make admission officers giggle. And this is hardly that attitude to your work which you expect to deserve.

Types of essays

There are different types of essays. There are school essays, admission essays, academic essays, and others. The difference between them is that each type has its own peculiarities. For example, a school essay is written on certain rules which must be strictly followed. It has a basic structure. College essays are freer in this sense. You can build the narration at your own discretion. Academic essays may vary even in form of their presentation. For example, there may be pictures in essays for Visual Arts, sound episodes in essays for Music, cinematic forms in film essays. College admission essays in this row seem to be one of the easiest way of presentation your own abilities. So, appreciate possibilities which you get when you are asked to write a college admission essay!

Help With College Essays – Ideas List & Secrets

To go to college one must write an essay which will catch an admission officer. Here are some tips on how to do this properly.Contents:

  1. Get original ideas
  2. Make it exciting
  3. Be eloquent and understandable
  4. Cause a desire for communication
  5. Humor and ingenuity
  6. Add skepticism
  7. Things you should avoid
  8. Read other essays

Be ready morally

If one needs to know how to write a perfect college essay, it is necessary to figure out what is usually required for it. There are minimum 250 words and no upper limit as a rule, and they must contain something to produce an impression. This distinguishes a person from other candidates if it’s a vivid story written in a good language. It has few in common with school essays, considering this or that statement. College essays must be complex, trying to show a full theme of an event. Using them admission officers choose the best ones for continuing their studies.

Be ready to surprise with a fresh plot or to give a colorful description. Those, who read your essay, don’t have much time, only several minutes. During this interval, they must understand what you are capable of relying upon your own words. Whether your life is mainly full of household trivialities or you are lucky to experience something outstanding from time to time? Is there anything astonishing about your neighbor, or people around you are just moving objects? Have you already invented the time machine or just plan another discovery. All those things may play their role in your admission.

Get original ideas

Try to tell something which is worth your energy and reader’s time. Choose ideas which are important to you. Maybe this is something you can’t stop doing or thinking late at night when it’s time to go to bed. Maybe it’s some event that shocked you and you can’t forget it. If you really need help on college essay, we must make you aware of the fact that experts don’t recommend to tell stories about:

  • grudges,
  • violence,
  • sports injury,
  • other situations, which you probably wouldn’t ask your mother to read.

Such themes must be avoided.

Things which may become the subject of your essay are not necessary daily experiences. It may be some experiment or rare observation. Once we came across with a recollection of an admission officer about one story. According to it, the author didn’t write about his achievements, family or favorite dish. He described in details how he had put a ping-pong ball in the microwave and what had happened then. And this idea singled him out of other candidates in the officer’s mind.

Make it exciting

Text, which is written in a descriptive manner, may be good, but not so fascinating as a story in a detective genre. “A time when I first experienced what is breaking rules may be considered a case when I first was beaten by my sister”.

The same situation could have been presented in a more lively manner. “Ice-cream was very tasty. When my sister turned away, I took the second piece from her plate and ate it. As soon as she discovered it, she grabbed my hair and screamed that I committed a crime and must be punished.” Here’s a real narrative which grips attention.

So, controversy is welcome, too. In school, we often just sort out one example, and often it’s something right. But life is diverse and everyone has his own truth. It will be useful if you disagree with something and make your own stand. Giving arguments and reasons is important in essay writing for college. Admission officers pay attention to your own opinion because a college is a place for discussions. Don’t write another dull story, even if your life is joyless at the moment. Turn on the imagination.

Be eloquent and understandable

People read what you write and get an idea of your abilities. Do your best to show them that you are worth being admitted to the college. A good language will help you to achieve this aim. Don’t use complex expressions, long sentences, and terms which make to open dictionaries to understand them. Easy language is half the success. On the other hand, don’t look too primitive. Think about the circle of people in which you will communicate. Keep the balance between what you say and how you express it in words.

One of the rules of a perfect college essay is consistency. There must be logic in your story. Start writing about one thing and go on talking about it during the whole work, even if sometimes you need to step aside for describing details. This makes your composition a complete work. It goes without saying that your grammar and punctuation should remain at high level. They are one of elements, which make your story clear. Show, that you are not only full of ideas but also can bring them to the audience.

Cause a desire for communication

If you enter a college it doesn’t mean that you will spend all the time writing research work. There are discussions, competitions and simply an everyday life.

You become a member of the society in which communication is inevitable. While writing an essay for college cause a desire to talk to you, to ask you questions, to argue with you or share your point of view. They say that truth is born in disputes. Write your story so, that it could cause disputes about its subject or wish to exchange a few words with you.

The reason for this may be:

  • the fact that you became a witness to some extraordinary event,
  • an acquaintance with interesting people,
  • your rare point of view,
  • the discovery that you made recently,
  • something that is precious for the community of seeking people, which you are going to join.

At least you want to be chosen for studies at this college very much, and it means that writing a good college essay is your chance to attract attention. Think of something that could convenience college representatives to have business with you.

Humor and ingenuity

Trying to make a story vivid you can describe different funny situations. It’s a great advantage of your work if it contains humorous episodes. But people are different, and what seems funny to you, may perplex another man. So, be careful with humor. Use a joke if you are really sure that it will be laughed at. Tell an anecdote, but don’t be carried away by fun. Remember that you are writing an essay for college students. You are not a comedian but a future researcher, who is serious about the results of his works.

If you demonstrate ingenuity in your essay, there are more chances to attract the attention of admission officers. The quality of being clever, original and inventive is what a real student must have. In fact, showing all these qualities in the essay is the secret of its success. Choose a case in your life which allows demonstrating all those features. Your essay is some kind of quintessence of your experience and a starting point for new achievements at the same time. Look at the subject you describe from different angles. Cook it like a delicacy with an unforgettable taste.

Add skepticism

Too many emotions may spoil the dish. Even if you are highly inspired by the idea of the story, try to keep the balance between your feelings and facts. A reader wants to get some information from your story, and it must be more than just ‘wows’. A college is a ground for intellectual work and the rule “trust but check” works here as it works nowhere else. It means that it’s better to have arguments for almost every statement. And doubt is more welcome than euphoria.

There are different ways to help writing college essays. But the most important thing is to remember what the work is being done for.

The story demonstrates the ability to reflect, and this demands a healthy share of skepticism. So, if, for example, the subject of an essay is ‘Are we alone?’, the statement will mostly confirm that ‘Yes, we are’, because the opposite is not proved by science, yet. But surely there are testimonies which must be checked until the final conclusion is made.

Things you should avoid

First of all, remember that you are short of space. Several minutes, which admission officers spend on reading essays, don’t give much time as well as much space for writing. It means that epigraphs, which some authors consider necessary to start with, may be omitted. If you are really writing the perfect college admission essay, be sure that it is in past tense. The present is not good for the purpose of telling a good story. You can see this from the majority of well known literary works.

Experts also recommend avoiding metaphors or quotations which are widely used. Perhaps, it’s hardly possible to impress a reader by an observation like “there’s nothing new under the sun”. You must be accurate not only with the content but with the form into which you put it, too. Make sentences readable, put parts of speech in their usual places, don’t finish with prepositions and start with “because”, “and” or “but”. And surely avoid plagiarism, because the things you are writing must show your uniqueness.

Read other essays

At the same time, the best way to understand how to write an essay for college is to read similar works by other authors.

Only it’s important to choose the best ones in order to use the experience of the people, who really succeeded in their efforts.

During studying such works pay attention to their vocabulary, style, themes, number of words and ways of expressing ideas. Maybe you can find something which is close to you and rely on it while writing your own essay. And, vice versa, you may find something that you likely should avoid in your story, which is very useful, too.

You see, essays of other people become some kind of a reference point. They show the way you must go. But when you write your own story, you do your own steps, which underline, that you are a unique individual. That’s why it’s important not to copy them, but to say honestly to yourself what you like and dislike in these works. Use other examples to make your own plan and write a balanced piece. Be sure, that the main secret of your success is your sincere interest in the topic, that you describe, and confidence that you want to know about it more in the college.